Injury protocol

In the event of a player sustaining an injury the following procedures must be adhered to:

Inform the referee of your injury and give the referee your name. If the injury only becomes apparent after the match then inform you manager immediately who must contact the referee with your name and details of your injury in order to have it submitted with the referees match report. If the injury is sustained at training inform your manager. The manager will then inform the relevant club personnel.

A player must attend a doctor in order to validate an injury claim. A GP or hospital doctor will suffice. Our club doctor is Dr Oliver Whyte, Market Lane, Westport. Contact 098-27500

The Injury form must be submitted to Willis within 60 days of the injury irrespective of whether or not the injury treatment is complete. Failure to comply with this will render the claim null and void.

The Injury claim must be submitted on the current claim form as older versions are not accepted. The injury claim form is available on the official GAA website. Contact the club secretary with any query.

Please note; It is the players responsibility to ensure that Player Injury Form is completed as soon as possible as it must be signed by both the club secretary & the county board secretary before being submitted to Willis.


A player must attend Dr Oliver Whyte & receive a letter/cert stating physio was required in order to validate a physio claim. The club will reimburse the appointment fee on production of doctors receipt.

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